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Pool Table Recovery offers a wide variety of both commercial and residential services. We also have evening and weekend hours available to best suit your schedule. Please read on to determine which of these is best suited to your needs.


A table recover is simply removing your existing cloth from the bed and rails of your table(s) and replacing it with fresh new cloth selected by you. Before proceeding with your table recovery, we will ensure that the playing surface is still level, rail cushions are intact, and the seams between the slates are properly sealed. Re-sealing the seams is important because this will prevent lines from appearing in the playing area of your table.

If you are not sure about what type of cloth you would like or the differences between certain cloths, please e mail or call 0800 0699778 for more information.


Traditionally, the slate on your pool table will be in three individual pieces. Sometimes re-leveling your table can be as easy as adjusting the legs or adding or removing shims under the legs. There is also a possibility that you could get a different level-reading on all three pieces. The solution here would include removing the rails and cloth and adjusting the slate screws beneath to create a level playing surface across the entire table. If this is the case, and the cloth on your table is still in good condition, you will not need to purchase new cloth. We will remove your cloth carefully during service so that we can recover your table with your original cloth after your table has been properly levelled.


These three services will most often go hand in hand with each other. Depending on your current needs, we will be happy to provide you with the following combinations of these services:

  • Knock-down
    Table will be disassembled and parts stacked neatly in place
  • Set-up
    Table is currently disassembled and needs to be put back together in place
  • Move and Set-up
    Table is currently disassembled, needs to be moved, and will be properly set up at the new location (Please specify whether your table needs to be relocated within the building or to a new address.)
  • Knock-down and Move
    Table will be disassembled, parts bubble wrapped, (except slate) and moved to your designated storage location
  • Knock-down, Move, and Set-up
    Table will be disassembled, moved to a new location, and set up again (Please specify whether your table needs to be relocated within the building or to a new address)


If you are a pool room owner, please inquire about our maintenance program that will allow us to help you with the regularly scheduled up-keep of your pool tables and equipment. Keeping your equipment clean and up to date will be appreciated by players of all skill levels.


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