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Voyager Mother Board Replacement


Replacement PC motherboard, configured for your system.

For information on repairs to the Voyager arcade machines, please e-mail

Price: 195.00
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Crazy Taxi Arcade Machine Driving Game


Crazy Taxi and its sequels are score attack games that all employ the same fundamental rules and mechanics. The player controls one of several taxi drivers in a fictional city, looking for fares and then taking them to their destination in the fastest time possible. The player must perform this while time still remains on an overall gameplay clock. Passengers looking for rides are indicated by an overhead marker that is colored to represent the distance to their intended destination. The colour marker ranges from red indicating short trips, to yellow for intermediate distances, and to green indicating long ones. When a passenger is picked up, the player is awarded additional time on the countdown time. Furthermore, a second countdown timer is started, representing how quickly the passenger needs to be at their destination. While a passenger is in the taxi, a large green arrow is shown on the player's HUD that points in the general direction of the passenger's destination to help guide the player through the map. The player can use special "crazy stunt" moves such as drifts, jumps, and near-misses, and consecutive combos of these, to earn extra money from the passenger during the trip. If the destination is reached in time, the player is paid based on distance driven with a possible time bonus based on how quickly the destination was reached. If the passenger's countdown drops to zero, they will exit the taxi and the player will be required to look for another fare. The game continues in this mode as long as time remains on the clock. Once the clock reaches zero, the game is over, and the player is ranked and rated based on the total earned. .

Price: 1,499.00
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Box Club black


The "Box Club" is one of the hottest and most popular coin-operated boxing machines to reach arcades and homes in years! The "Box Club" is a punching bag style boxing game with modern electronics that is built to last, and produces both fun and amazing profits in a wide variety of locations, including bars, nightclubs, etc., and is also suitable for home arcade and office use. Refurbished - there will be some signs of wear and tear.
Price: 3,850.00
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Star Wars XWing Sit Down


Pilot the X-Wing Fighter in the classic color vector arcade game! Blast away TIE Fighters, zoom across the surface of the Death Star, and roar down the trench with sampled voices and effects from the movie! This is the sit-in version.
Price: 15,995.00
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Galaxian Arcade Game


Galaxian expands on the formula pioneered by Space Invaders. Like that earlier game, Galaxian features a horde of attacking alien armies that exchanged shots with the player. In contrast to Space Invaders, however, Galaxian adds an element of drama by having the aliens periodically make kamikaze-like dives at the player's ship.
Price: 2,175.00
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Guinness Pool Cover


Not only can DirectGamesRoom offer custom made arcade machines but we also do custom cloths for your pool table which combines nicely with our "on site" recover service!
Price: 299.99
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Joystick Junkies Padded Brown Jacket


Super soft inside and out this jacket is tailor made for the urban junkie needing to look the part!
Price: 64.99
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Wurlitzer OneMoreTime iPod CD Jukebox Special Edition White


In the nostalgic design of the most beautiful jukebox ever built, the One-More-Time (OMT) iPod/CD model now offers superb stereophonic sound quality by BOSE & the extended music repertoire of the iPod. Combining a holding capacity of 100 CDs & the huge memory of the included 60GB iPod, the jukebox has more than 10,000 songs accessible to play at the touch of a button. Available in either Special Edition white or black onyx finish.
Price: 7,845.00
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