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Batman Dark Knight Pinball


Here we have fine examples of THE DARK KNIGHT™ pinball BATMAN™ pinball machine. Available through a partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Comics, BATMAN™ is based on the action-adventure movie, THE DARK KNIGHT™, BATMAN™ is a perfect pinball machine for fans of DC Comics’ BATMAN™ comic books, as well as the DARK KNIGHT™ and BATMAN BEGINS movies. BATMAN™ pinball is also a great piece for homeowners, and game operators. BATMAN™ pinball offers many exciting features, including: The Joker’s Reveal Mechanism, a mechanical cylinder that rotates to reveal and fight a taunting Joker; Scarecrow’s Crane, a mechanical crane featuring a spring-attach pinball which the player can strike with the pinball; the BATMOBILE™ Bridge, a teeter totter mechanism that races a pinball against a Hot Wheels® BATMOBILE™; an upper mini-playfield; and lots of multi-ball action. The follow-up to BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT™ reunites Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE in his continuing war on crime.
Price: 4,995.00
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Family Guy Pinball


Meet the Griffins...America's new first family of comedy! The Griffin family stars in the FAMILY GUY, an animated sitcom that is making adults of all ages laugh till they cry. FAMILY GUY is also Stern Pinball's newest pinball machine, designed by Pat Lawlor, his team at Pat Lawlor Design, and the engineers at Stern Pinball.
Price: 4,995.00
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Twilight Zone Pinball Table


A classic pinball table featuring four standard flippers and twn "magna flippers". This game may be ten years old please note....
Price: 4,895.00
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Dr Who Pinball


Everyone must have seen the old cult classic Dr who well here at directgamesroom we can even get one of these signed by some of the cast members!! should you wish (subject to cost) this machine is based on the 7 doctors? can you name them all? Dont worry about the pinball! This has got to be one of the old time favourites, easy to play, hard to master! Great sounds,great speech.Game suitable for the old or young, lots of fun.Playfield features time expander which raises to give more features.Full diagnostics, dot matrix display with video mode.
Price: 3,425.00
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Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball


The greatest pirate adventure of all-time is now the latest pinball machine from Stern Pinball. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean pinball features exciting elements from the first movie, as well as the box office record-breaking sequel Dead Man's Chest.
Price: 4,995.00
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The Sopranos Pinball


THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine challenges the player to rise through the ranks to Boss. THE SOPRANOS® pinball also has elements from the show, including the dancing girls of the Bada Bing!; Tony Soprano's boat, The Stugots, with a classic multi-ball feature; a safe that cracks open after being whacked by the ball; and the talking fish from Season Two that always jokes around with the player.
Price: 4,995.00
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Starship Troopers Pinball


A fantastic pinball base on the blocbuster Sci Fi movie Starship Troopers. Help save the Earth from the Aracneds with the multi ball function and many other features.
Price: 4,495.00
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Indiana Jones Pinball


Here we have an indiana Jones pinball machine from the popular film franchise It is the first pinball machine to use crystal-clear DCS sound technology The game has four multiball modes: 3-ball regular multiball, Quick multiball (2-ball), "Well of Souls" multiball (6-ball), "Eternal Life" wizard mode (6-ball). All 12 modes are scenes from all 3 movies. Has original movie quotes delivered by movie cast Features custom-recorded speech by actor John Rhys-Davies ("Sallah"). He delivered custom speech for the game (yells JACKPOT! etc...). Has an interactive, player-controlled Mini Playfield It is prominently played and on display at Industrial Lights&Magic campus cafeteria Original movie score composed by John Williams is used throughout the game It has 3 video modes, more than any other pinball machine (save Star Trek TNG). One of the modes ("Well of Souls") has 6 pinballs simultaneously on the playfield! Pinball Wizard mode? - Yes. Called "Eternal Life" and comes on after all 12 modes are completed.
Price: 4,995.00
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