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Voyager Digital Cocktail Retro Multiplay
Voyager Digital Cocktail Retro Multiplay
The VOYAGER digital table top is based on modern PC technology and has the ability to play many of your favourite classic arcade games. With most single game table tops retailing at ??2000-??3000, the Voyager offers real value for money by featuring 42 classic arcade games on one table!

The VOYAGER table is the next generation of PC based new build Cocktail Tables, with its classic retro design being reminiscent of the original games tables popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The PC system is matted to genuine classic arcade controls, including the 8 way joystick and rapid fire button that have been built to withstand serious use! The table is a solid construction which combined with our unique front end software, makes it really easy to use and ideal for trouble free operation for free play home or coin operated commercial use. The finishing touch is a high impact perspex screen, that closely resembles glass, but is shatterproof in case something is dropped on the table. This provides a safe and practical surface that allows you set put your drinks on the table while you enjoy your favourite retro game!

This machine has been designed to be very reliable and easy to use. From an ease of use aspect, most of the settings on the machine are easily changed on screen using the Joystick, for example no more fiddling with dip switches to change the price of play, just select POP on the settings screen, nudge the joystick until the screen value has altered to the new setting, press the test button and the new price of play is set. Likewise, the machine can be set to free play for home, or corporate and promotional use, in a matter of seconds.

Game List:
Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jnr, Scramble, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Lady Bug, 4D Warriors, 1942, Galaga, Galaxian, Frogger, Pacman, Phoenix, Bomb Jack, Millipede, Lunar Rescue, Moon Cresta, Mr Do, Pac Man Plus, Starforce, Uniwars, Wonderboy, Xevious, Gorf, Moon Patrol, Terra Cresta, Eyes, Raiden, Son of Phoenix, Video Hustler, Vastar, Wiz, MX5000, Megatack, Jail Break, Gyrodine, Pleiads

Width : 73.5cm
Height : 71cm
Length : 96.5cm

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Price: 1,475.00

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