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Voyager Deluxe Upright Machine
Voyager Deluxe Upright Machine
The original Voyager Arcade machine has been a market leader for many years. Due to popular demand the Voyager Deluxe has been created to produce a unique retro machine designed to capture the essence of the 80's. The machines eye catching graphics set the tone for the 50+ games that await you.

Incredible Quality
Just think back to your own arcade experiences. We've all slapped, punched and even kicked an arcade cabinet at some point when we were just about to smash that high score. With this in mind the Voyager Arcade machine is constructed from arcade battle tested materials that are precision cut by CNC Routers, then hand crafted to produce a retro masterpiece. No messy nails or unsightly gaps here. Just a perfectly formed cabinet that is finished to a high standard.

The Mechanics
The guts of this arcade machine is a quality control tested PC system that's been developed for complete reliability to give you problem free game play. The original Voyager system that has been updated and tuned to provide a bullet proof system that gives you a no faults, just gaming experience.

The PC system is matted to genuine arcade controls that are built to handle a brutal life being pounded by even the most vicious ASBO carrying arcade fiends. This means you're able to make that high score thanks to your slick moves on the 8-way joystick and rapid fire buttons, instead of worrying about breaking the machine with your frantic game play.

Vision is provided by a high quality 17" monitor that's mounted horizontally to provide the genuine arcade look.

Games include:
Pengo, Tapper, Time Pilot, MrDo, PacmanPlus, Air Wolf, Arkanoid, Command, Tiger Heli, Choplifter, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Scramble, Lunar Rescue, Moon Cresta, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Lady Bug, 4DWarriors ,1942, Galaga, Galaxian, Frogger, Pacman, Phoenix, Wonder Boy, Xevious, Gorf, Moon Patrol, Terra Cresta, Eyes, Son of Phoenix, Star Force, Video Hustler, Vastar, Wiz, MX 5000, MegaTack, Jail Break, Gyrodine, Pleiads, Crazy Balloon, Pac-Land, BombJack, Amidar, Burger Time, Dig Dug 2, Donkey Kong 3, Gyruss, Bagman, StarForce, UniWars

Width: 57.5cm
Height: 165cm
Depth: 77cm

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Price: 1,495.00

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