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Zombie Arcade Machine
Zombie Arcade Machine
Contains lots of games:

Number: 1942 - 1943 - 720 - 3D Tic-Tac-Toe

A: A Game of Concentration - Adventure - Air/Sea Battle - Alpine Ski - APB - Arabian Magic - Arch Rivals - Asteroids - Asteroids Deluxe

B: Badlands - Basic Programming - Battle Shark - Battlezone - Blaster - Black Widow - Bonze Adventure - Bosconian - Bowling - Breakout - Bubbles - Bubble Bobble - Bubble Symphony

C: Cadash - Canyon Bomber - Cameltry - Casino - Castlevania - Centipede - Chack 'n' Pop - Championship Sprint - Circus Atari - Cleopatra Fortune - Codebreaker - Colony 7 - Combat - Commando - Continental Circus - Contra - Crazy Balloon - Crystal Castles - Cyberball 2072

D: Darius Gaiden - Defender - Demon to Diamonds - Dig Dug - Dodge 'em - Double Dunk - Don Doko Don - Dragon Spirit - Dungeon Magic

E: Electric Yo-Yo - Elevator Action - Elevator Action Returns - Exzisus

F: Flag Capture - Football - Football Champ - Front Line - Fun With Numbers

G: Galaga - Galaga '88 - Galaxian - Gauntlet - Gauntlet II - Gekirindan - Ghosts & Goblins - Gladiator - Golf - Gravitar - Great Swordsman - Grid Seeker - Growl - Gunsmoke - GunFrontier

H: Hard Drivin' - Haunted House - Home Run - Human Cannonball - Hydro Thunnder

I: Insector X

J: Jungle Hunt - Joust - Joust 2

K: Kiki Kaikai - KLAX - Kozmik Krooz'r - Kuri Kinton

L: Legend Of Kage - Liberator - Liquid Kids - Lunar Lander - Lunar Rescue

M: Majestic 12 - Major Havoc - Mappy - Marble Madness - Math Gran Prix - Maze Craze - Metal Black - Millipede - Miniature Golf - Missile - Missile command - Mortal Kombat - Mortal Kombat II - Mortal Kombat 3 - Ms. Pac Man

N: NARC - New Zealand Story - Night Driver - Ninja Kids

O: Off Road Thunder: Mud, Sweat 'N Gears - Operation Thunderbolt - OperationWolf - Outlaw

P: Pac Man - Pac Mania - Paperboy - Phoenix - Pit Fighter - Plotting - Plump Pop - Pole Position - Pole Position II - Pong - Pop 'n' Pop - Primal Rage - Project Storm Hammer - Puchi Carat - Puzzle Bobble 2

Q: Qix - Quadrun

R: Race Drivin - Radar Lock - Raimais - Rainbow Islands - Rally X - Rampage - Rampage World Tour - Rampart - Rastan - Rastan 2 - Rayforce - Realsports Baseball - Realsports Football - Realsports Tennis - Realsports Volleyball - Red Baron - Return of the Invaders - RoadBlasters - Robotron 2084 - Rolling Thunder - Root Beer Tapper

S: San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition - San Francisco Rush 2049 - Satans Hollow - Sensible Soccer - Side Arms - Sinistar - SkyKid - Sky Diver - Slot Machine - Slot Racers - Smash TV - Sonic and Knuckles - Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Sonig The Hedgehog 3 - Sonic 3D Blast - Sonic Spinball - Space Duel - Space Gun - Space Invaders - Space Invaders II - Space Invaders '95 - Space Invaders DX - Space war - SPLAT! - Spy Hunter - Spy Hunter II - Star Raiders - Star Ship - Stellar Track - Streetfighter - Streetfighter II Champion Edition - Street Racer - S.T.U.N. Runner - Submarine Commander - Super Baseball - Super Breakout - Super Football - Super Off Road - Super Sprint - Super Qix - Surround - Swordquest: Earthworld - Swordquest: Fireworld - Swordquest: Waterworld

T: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tempest - The Fairyland Story - Thunderfox - Timber - Tokio - Toobin - Total Carnage - TubeIt

U: N/A

V: Video Checkers - Video Chess - Video Olympics - Video Pinball - Vindicators - Violence Fight - Virtua Fighter 1 - Virtua Fighter 2 - Virtua Tennis - Volfied

W: Wacko - Warlords - Wild Western - Wizard of Wor

X: Xenophobe - Xevious - Xybots

Y: Yar's Revenge

Z: ZooKeeper

Every once in a while, a new product comes along that can only be described as Awesome. The Zombie Arcade Machine is that product! The Zombie machine is manufactured in the UK to an extremely high standard, using only the finest materials and components, guaranteed to surpass all your expectations. The manufacturer of Zombie Arcades is passionate about arcade gaming and this is reflected in the superb build quality of this machine. Each component is assembled with surgeon like precision and the machines are put through a 4 day testing period, before they are passed for delivery to our customers. These machines have also been CE tested and approved for quality, safety and reliability. No stone has been left unturned during the manufacturing process and we have to admit that we have never seen such a high end arcade machine. Although you will see the quality from the images below, you can only really begin to admire the ultimate attention to detail by seeing a Zombie Arcade up close and personal. Trust me when I say that you NEED a Zombie in your life!!

Quality Craftmanship

Only the finest components are used in the manufacture of each Zombie Arcade - big trusted names such as Acer, Sanwa Denshi Co, AMD, Samsung, Hitachi and Sony, to name but a few. The Zombie arcade machines incorporate a large 24”, wide viewing angle LCD monitor. An outstanding contrast ratio of 1000:1 which results in crisp, clean and clear viewing and exceptionally wide viewing angles of 178°, make for an absolute incredible gaming experience, whether playing alone or with a friend. Every Zombie arcade machine comes complete with a specially cut smoked glass bezel to add even further authenticity to your gaming experience.

The Zombie arcade machine also has a huge control panel: 24” wide and 13” deep. Zombie arcade machine joysticks are sourced from Sanwa Denshi Company and each control panel is fitted with 12 player buttons and 8 admin buttons. Each Zombie arcade machine has been specially fitted with LED functionality. In simple terms, the buttons light up and they look absolutely fantastic! The icing on the cake has to be the screen printed control panel. Most arcade machines on the market use some kind of adhesive backed vinyl for the control panel, but this just wouldn't be right for the Zombie! Check out the images to see for yourself.

Each Zombie arcade machine comes complete with a top of the range 2.1 speaker system and subwoofer creating that perfect combination of crisp sound and thumping bass, which in turn adds to the ultimate arcade experience. The ‘brain’ of the Zombie arcade machine is a top of the range PC system that has been completely integrated into the cabinet. Comprising of a 160 GB hard drive (enough for 4000 + games!*), a top of the range AMD Athlon dual core processor, the latest and greatest graphics card from Nvidia and an amazing 1 GB DDR2 RAM, the Zombie arcade machine runs like a dream.

Over 300 Licensed Games

Each Zombie arcade machine comes complete with over 300 licensed classic arcade games such as Street Fighter II, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Mortal Kombat, Sensible Soccer 2006, Asteroids, Paperboy and Virtua Fighter. Please see above for complete games list.

The Zombie arcade machine has also been primed for a further 4000 classic games!* Yes that’s right, a further 4000 all time classic games in one fantastic arcade machine! Classic gaming truly resurrected with a Zombie arcade machine. *Please ask for details.

Zombie arcade machines definitely deliver style, outstanding quality, superb game play and are the perfect addition for home, office or recreational room. This machine is possibly as close to a real arcade machine that you are likely to get. A big thumbs up for this product - we can only describe this as Awesome.

If you are a person that likes the best things in life, look no further - choose Zombie Arcade.

24" Widescreen LCD Monitor
Fully Wired LED Control Panel
CE Tested and Approved
Sanwa Joysticks
High End PC System
1 Gig DDR II Ram
Superb Sound System
Over 300 Licensed Games
CNC Cut for Superb Quality

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Price: £3,175.00

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